You're on the brink of graduation. You've worked so hard to get here. What better way to commemorate this amazing milestone than with photos that pay tribute to who you are today? With portrait sessions ranging from 2-6 outfit changes in styles that extend from fun & quirky to seriously sophisticated, from athletic & rugged to glamorous & chic.

Senior Session Tips

You may schedule your senior session at any time. Your session will last about 1.5 hours and includes any additional family members, 1-6 outfit changes, and unlimited backgrounds and specialty items. I suggest visiting my Senior Gallery for different portrait session ideas.

My studio provides a yearbook photograph which you may use instead of your school portrait. I will provide the photo via email that you will send to the yearbook staff if interested in our portrait instead.

Senior Portrait Ideas: I suggest bringing hobby materials such as: cooking/chef gear, fancy shopping bags, pumps or sneakers, hats, sunglasses, Fireman/Policeman gear, books, artist stuff, car stuff, sporting gear, scarves, jewelry items, music instruments, high school gear, university and college gear, pets, etc. Anything that will add character or interest to your photographs should be brought to your session.