Congrats on your new bundle!

I will capture the ‘newness’ of your precious little bundle as well as some snuggle moments between immediate family members. Your newborn session takes place within the first two weeks after birth (the sooner the better). Please book your newborn session prior to due date.

During the first two weeks of life your baby will mostly be content to snooze after a milk session. We allow up to two - three hours so that we can ensure I don’t over stimulate baby and you have plenty opportunities to nurse, cuddle and have time for changes (diaper and otherwise). Most important is that baby is comfortable and that you feel calm and relaxed. 

I have an extensive prop selection for my newborn clients, so there is no need to bring anything for your baby unless you have special items you would like photographed with your baby. Nude is best for baby.

- Do you have any color/prop preference
- If mommy is nursing I always advise to avoid spicy foods or drinking/eating acid citrus juices and fruits, because they can upset the baby’s tummy and they will feel uncomfortable and not sleep. For bottle babies I’ll advise them to bring extra formula to last out long session.
- I ask that they interact with their baby to try to keep him/her awake 1-2 hours before we start the session. It’s also ideal to schedule the baby’s feedings about 2-3 hours before arriving so they can feed him/her again just before the session starts. A tired baby with a full tummy results in a very sleepy baby and cooperative model. I also instruct the parents to feed their baby as much as they can 12 hours before the session that way baby will be really full and sleepier. 
- The baby should be dressed in comfortable loose clothing to prevent marks on the skin. Buttoned up pajamas are easy enough 
- Parents with baby boys that will be circumcised are advised to schedule the session before the circumcision or 5 days after the procedure, because baby will be sensitive and uncomfortable for some poses. 
- A pacifier is a lifesaver, so please bring one for the session.
- The studio will be very warm. Babies are very sensitive and because normally we will be photographing in the nude it’s best to keep them comfortable. I suggest that parents come to the session dressed in layers so that they can comfortably remove some clothing if they feel the room is too warm.
- Parents should be comfortable during the session. If they want to they can sit and relax. 


When should you contact me?
As soon as you know you are pregnant! It's never to early to give me a call or send me an email. I will be sure to mark my calendar for your baby's arrival, knowing he or she may not come on your due date.

When is the best time to photograph newborns?
The best opportunity to get those precious newborn pictures is during the first 6 to 10 days of life. Be sure to give me a call (or email) to let me know as soon as your newest bundle has arrived. I will be able to schedule your session date as soon as I get the call.

What does it include?

Up to a 3 hour session with me! I realize your baby needs time to eat and rest during your session. You can’t rush a precious newborn baby and I will spend plenty of time with you and your baby in order to capture those sweet moments you are hoping for. I also work with an assistant during newborns, she assists me with posing and making sure the newborn is safe at all times in every pose. 

Where will session happen?

In my studio. When coming to my studio this will give your choice of all the props I have to offer. 

 What do I need for my baby?
 I have lots newborn “props” from hats, headbands, and diaper covers to cocoons and wraps - I have a lot! Of course I will also use any special props or clothes you provide during the shoot. Backdrops, baskets and heaters are just a few of the additional items I bring to get those adorable pictures. I provide multiple blankets and waterproof pads for all those accidents that WILL happen during the shoot. The naked newborn pictures are my personal favorites and accidents are sure to happen. All props and blankets are washed in all natural detergent before every session.