Fresh 48

Congrats on your new bundle! 

What is a Fresh 48 you ask?

WELL…It’s to capture the first precious moments of your little guy or gal’s life. I come to the hospital within 48 hours of your little miracles birth, at a time convenient to you of course. Your session will last approx. 1 hour. Shots of your little one’s first yawns, cute little baby feet, fingers, belly button will be documented. First feedings. Diaper changes. All of those amazing family meetings. Also, I will capture those quiet moments between you and your new little one. Pretty great, huh?

What is a Fresh 48 Hospital Session?   

Fresh 48 Sessions take place within 24-48 hours of birth before you leave the hospital or birthing center. This session is a lifestyle photo session which means it is purely organic, there are no props, poses, or fancy outfits; just you, your fresh newborn, and all the love in the moment. Fresh 48 sessions aren't meant to replace a traditional newborn session but rather to complement it as your newborn will begin to change daily and we want you to have a keepsake from the first 48 hrs of their new little life. This is also a lovely option for adoptions.

Do I need my doctor or midwifes approval?   

No because this takes place in your postpartum room not the delivery room. This is a nice alternative to birth photography because the session takes place within a day of the delivery and often times the same day.

 When should I schedule my session?   

Absolutely! To ensure availability it is best to pay your deposit fee by the 25th week of your pregnancy to reserve a session

Can other children and family be in the session?  

Absolutely! I will try to be there and capture the first moment they get to meet their new sweet baby brother/sister

I would like breast feeding images, can this be included?  

Yes, if this is something you would like photographed I would not mind taking these types of images. 

When do I call? 

You will first call when you know it's time to go to the hospital, birthing center, or home birth environment. Once you are examined your partner can call, text, or email with an approximate time of delivery. 

 If you reserves the time around of your delivery to be on call.  In the event I'm not able to arrive before you are released you may use the deposit  fee towards a newborn session.